About Us

We are a team dedicated primarily to provide adventure and fun in a our 2 hours Jet Ski Tour. We give you the opportunity to experience the adventure of a lifetime while visiting the most beautiful coral reefs and keys our enchanted Island has to offer. Once on your Jet Ski, the adventure begins, passing through the “Canal”, then off to “Isla de Ramos” and “Isla de Lobos” making a stop in Icacos for some fun as you do some snorkeling (approximately 30 minutes) and then off to “Cayo Piñero” (north or south). The adventure continues passing through Palomino and Palominitos cays returning to the Harbor after having lived a unique and awesome experience.

We also provide crewed charters for those who prefer to sit and enjoy their offshore voyage with the best boat rentals. For more information on this service please visit: https://www.yachtcharterpro.net

Our Mision

Our mission is to provide you with pure adrenaline around the most crystalline waters Puerto Rico has to offer. Two hours of pure fun and adventure cruising from Isla Piñeros,  to Palomino Island, Icacos, and others. Stopping to snorkel in one of the most mesmerizing coral reefs Puerto Rico has to offer in Isla Piñeros. It’s our goal to give you all this adventure while doing it safely with the guide of our experts.

Our Vision

All of our tours are sure to be fun, adventurous and safe for the environment. The sea life, flora and fauna that we encounter in our excursions are shared with our guests in a safe and fun way. We teach our clients the do’s and don’ts of snorkeling such like walking on, or touching the coral reefs which can harm the fragile underwater ecosystems.